I thought that title might get your attention. I want to tell you a short story about a woman I recently talked to (let’s call her Sarah, for anonymity’s sake). Sarah is a woman in her 40’s and has a life a lot of women can relate to, in some ways.

When I talked to Sarah, we found that she had a lot to be happy about (and she is). A lot of things were just as she wanted them to be. She loved where she was living, and the people around her, her home and she had a job she enjoyed doing. But the conditions she was working under wasn’t giving her the head space to be creative.

All her productivity went into papers and articles she had to write, meetings and other demands on her energy and time had turned life into a routine. Her family had also had some recent events that she had to help work through.

She really wanted to get back to her creative pursuits, and we worked through why she wasn’t. Most of it was that she thought she didn’t have time. When she had a longer period off work, during summer, she started creating again, but it stopped once she got back to work. She said that during the other seasons, she was mostly trying to catch up on the things that needed doing. Finding time for anything creative is a struggle.

When I asked her how it felt to write, just for writing’s sake, she said that “It’s always fun to make up worlds” and “creating is fun”. She’s so right about that.

When I showed her it was possible to write a poem in one minute, it started her thinking of ways she can be creative in her everyday life. She wanted to get some writing done before work and do some art in the evening, before bed.

She said, “I might even write a book this way”.

When we said our goodbyes, she had decided to pick up her writing, by writing something (non-work-related) every day, and bring her art supplies on the trip she was taking to her parents in another country.

Sarah took the step to talk to me via the offer I had up about a Permission to Fly session. This would be good for you too if you’re:

  • Unsatisfied
  • Not creating

I’ve had so much fun doing the Permission to Fly sessions, that I’ll be running the pay-what-you-can special again this week (August 11-17). It’s giving me so much pleasure to be able to serve you this way, I’m learning as much as you are on these calls, and it’s fun as well.

I want you to be able to take advantage of this. I don’t want you to be stressed out, unsatisfied, to sit half-baked in your creativity, and not live it out fully.

Isn’t it time you give yourself Permission to Fly?


  1. Yve

    Great article, full of light and life and gorgeous insights!

  2. Sibylle

    Don’t we all know that feeling of “not having time”. Usually it’s just a self-imposed limit, but dang it can be hard to break through! Glad Sarah managed it with your help 🙂

  3. Linda Ursin

    Yes 🙂 If it’s not directly self-imposed, then it’s indirectly, because we do too much for others.


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