A session I had last night gave the idea for this week’s Friday Finds. Here’s a list of unique gifts you can give to a man who cooks.

Apron fun

Get or make one with a funny text, like one of these. Here are instructions on how to make an apron, and here are some men’s aprons on Etsy.

Chef’s hat

You can get or sew a chef’s hat and embroider it, write on it with fine-liners, or sew the letters onto it. Here’s a pattern, and here’s one on Amazon.

Wooden cooking utensils

Get or make some cooking utensils, and paint or use pyrography to personalize them. You can make your own if you have the skill, or buy them. One place to buy them is eBay.

Cool dish towels

Get or sew dish towels with a cool pattern, or a funny text or maybe his name. These can be added in the same ways as for the chef’s hat. Here are instructions for how to sew them, and here are some you can buy on Amazon.

 Dish brush

And the last one can serve as inspiration for those men who don’t want to help in the kitchen: A dish brush with his name on it 😉 You can get one cheap at almost any store.

Who do you have a hard time shopping for?


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