I was dreading turning 40, for me it was the start of getting old. How wrong was I!! 40 is the new 30 and, believe me, the Nawty 40’s really are a fantastic period of life. It’s like going through your 20’s with the benefit of hindsight 🙂 and how often have we wanted to do that!…

I thought my 30’s were the best period of my life, but since turning 40 I realize that these are the better years, sure I’m grayer than I used to be, but now I can choose what colour I want my hair to be : ) … and sure my body isn’t what it used to be, we all get older, but luckily my mind is also matured and I don’t worry so much about what my body is doing, its all part of life and the 40’s make us soooo much more accepting. I have a new lease on life, my child is grown, I began a new relationship, new career, and more importantly things finally make sense in life.

The dread of growing old, of hitting 40, is replaced with appreciation for a more mature outlook on life. There is a physical reason this period of time is much more pleasant that we think it will be, you see when all of us are born we have nerves growing over our brain, they take years to grow and eventually the meet, usually from mid 30’s to mid 40’s and we know when they have met at the top of our skulls because things suddenly click into place, we realize much more about life, we mature in a good way.

We have the value of hindsight and yet we are free from being restricted by our fears. I love being 40 + and now as I watch my friends approach the Maturity I look on with excitement, anticipation and curiosity for that moment when everything will make sense for them, and I am genuinely pleased when I recognize it. There is nothing to fear from turning 40, sure things change but so will your outlook, your expectations, your views and you really will come to appreciate just how wonderful this age is.

Yes, the 40’s are the new 30’s, and I wish for everyone, approaching this age group, the joy and insight to make your life great. Take the bull by the horns and take charge of yourself, the 40’s are your time … Enjoy them 🙂

Written by Sharmonia MoonWytch on the subject of turning 40

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