I used to think I’d never get to 40, much less nearly 50 (I’m now 47). Middle age and the croning years seemed so far away and besides I was enjoying my misspent lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

However, was I really enjoying it? Looking back I don’t think so. sure, on the surface I enjoyed it but there was always an emptiness about it all. Now my life has taken on a different aspect, filtered through the lens of life experience. Ok, so my physical body and health is shot to pieces (that’s what comes when you don’t think of consequences) but my life now is more alive than before.

Now I can choose what I do, say and think with the aura of a bit of wisdom, passion and fun have more meaning when I can choose for myself rather than going along with the group mind, or keeping up with what society thinks or says I should do. Boundaries become clearer and healthier. Would I have my youth again? No, I wouldn’t! I don’t regret my youth but life experience and wisdom that comes with getting older gives one a better perspective and enables you to make far better choices that feed your soul in a way that never happened before. So I say celebrate your 40’s and enjoy what is now!

Written by Philippa on the subject of turning 40

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