Today’s rune from the Elder Futhark is Reiðr or Raidho (sound value: R).

Reiðr translates as riding or ride. Yes, I have checked the dictionary. Neither the Icelandic one or the Old Norse one says anything about a cart, chariot or a wagon. The word also closely resembles the Scandinavian words for ‘a ride’ and ‘to ride’. Sorry about the outburst, but there are too many out there that claim to know more about such things than us locals.

My interpretation of this rune is travel (both physical and astral), relocation, order, structure, progress, evolution, learning. Make sure you’re on this path for more than the end goal. You have to enjoy the journey or the path wasn’t yours to begin with. It may also be connected to a physical vehicle.

Merkstave: Frustrating stagnation, irrationality, disorder, confusion, lack of direction and a goal.


What’s your take on this rune? Leave me a comment below.

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