I bet most of you didn’t know that you could use Tarot to choose your style, but you can. Most ‘choice’ spreads only speak of choosing this or that job, leave or stay, this or that decision. But you can use them to choose ‘less important’ things too. I chose to put apostrophes around that because choosing the right style for you will give you more confidence, which might land you that dream job of yours.

Last time, we used Tarot to figure out what your true self should be doing, now for what your true self wants to look like.

The short version is to do a meditation where you find some way to look at yourself in the other realm. This will give you clues to what really suits your true self, both when it comes to hair and clothes.

You might have given it some thought before, so that you have a couple to choose from, either hairstyles or clothes styles, let’s use those now. Let’s say you’ve got three things to choose from. I found this spread I feel would work well for this on Aeclectic Tarot, and I’ve chosen to adapt it to this situation.


2………5…….. 8


Choice A 1. Pros 2. Cons 3. Important about Choice A

Choice B 4. Pros 5. Cons 6. Important about Choice B

Choice C 7. Pros 8. Cons 9. Important about Choice C

Leave me a comment when you’ve tried using Tarot for this. Should you feel that you want more help working this out, send me a message.

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