Did you know you can use Tarot for guidance as you transform your life? To help you choose the best avenue for your personal growth? Well, you can. Tarot isn’t just for helping others choose, or to give them an idea of what might happen, it’s a great tool for your intuition regardless of what you use it for, and it works great for self-guidance.

Here’s one spread that will give you some direction.

Transformational Tarot

  1. Who you are. What you represent and your inner power.
  2. The potential held within you.
  3. What lies beneath you. The unborn self; still developing.
  4. What you are aware of right now (conscious).
  5. What you aren’t aware of right now (subconscious).
  6. A better mind-set to promote
  7. A path to follow and an action to possibly take.
  8. A truth to uncover and guidance from your spirits.
  9. What will be diskovered.

If you’re not comfortable doing the spread yourself, or if you want another reading, book one with me.

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