A lot of tarot readers focus on other people when doing readings, or the future. But it’s also possible to focus on the here and now, and yourself. An example is choosing the right career for yourself. What should you really do for a living? What’s your passion, your essence, your strengths, and your purpose?

Most people just look for a job, any job they’re qualified to do, and then wind up hating it. Been there, done that. I was unemployed for a total of 8 years during a 17 year period. The rest of it I was doing what the Labor and Welfare Service told me to do or going to school. I finally got an Associate’s Degree in repair and maintenance of computer systems and, in the end, I ended up in computer support.

I can tell you now, that this is not what I should have been doing. My body started telling me so long before my mind got fed up. My strengths are the runes, the herbs, the magic, and the creativity, which is what I can’t live without.

I wish I’d known that back when all this started, but we all make mistakes. This sick leave seems to be my way out, towards making a living in a more creative and fulfilling way. One way for you to find out where your strengths and/or passions are is to do a Tarot reading for yourself.

Here’s one spread that might work for you. Spread order

Group 1-3: Your passion(s)

Group 4-6: Your strength(s)

Group 7-9: What you need right now

Have a go, check what the cards have to say about you, and then let me know

(just because I’m so bloody curious :D).

If you feel you need a larger spread, there’s one here, and here’s a suggestion for what careers the Major Arcana cards might represent. So even if you don’t choose the Tarot to tell you what you should be doing, find some way to reach inward, to find the true you, and find out what your true path is. You’ll thank yourself later. If you feel that you want some assistance to get the clarity you need, get yourself a reading with me right now!

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