I’ve been crazy busy lately, so the time has come to walk my talk, to slow down and conserve my energy for what’s important.

I’ve been:

  • Setting up my design site
  • Setting up a facebook page for my designs and art
  • Setting up my witchy site
  • Setting up a facebook page for my witchy site
  • Writing blog posts, newsletters, emails
  • Doing homework for my coaches
  • Doing web design for two clients
  • Doing readings for clients
  • Talking to prospective clients
  • Interviewing bands
  • Recording podcasts and radio shows
  • Adjusting my about pages to better reflect who I help
  • Hosting the October Creativity Challenge

etc etc…

And now I’ve got a cold. My body’s way to say enough is enough. So from now on, you won’t see as many marketing messages from me. I’ve decided to focus on speaking to people instead because that’s what I like to do. I’m also setting aside studio time for my artwork and forcing my husband to help with the housework 🙂 I’ll still be there when you need me. I’ll still be blogging, writing newsletters and all that. Just not as much as I have been the last few weeks.

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