I want to tell you about one of the times I realized it was time to give to myself, and not just to others.

I had several smaller moments earlier, but this was probably the first big one. I had been running myself ragged trying to keep up with everything after having my daughter, and I hit a point where I felt I just couldn’t do it that way anymore.

I was working full time, I was doing every bit of housework, and I had been taking care of my daughter pretty much on my own. I went to my doctor and spoke to him about not having the energy to work full-time anymore, and we decided that I’d try reducing my workload by 10%. This was the biggest gift I could give myself at that point in my life. It meant I got a full hour to myself, alone, every day. This worked wonders for my energy level and my mood. It also meant I was exercising more, since I spent that hour walking, for the most part. If you’re in a similar place, I advise you to take action now, so you can give to yourself as well.

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