I’m taking a long weekend with friends (Friday to Monday) and it’s about time 🙂

This is the yearly national gathering for the Asatru organisation I belong to and I start looking forward to the next one as soon as one ends.

It’s the one time during the year when I’m away from home on my own with tons of friends. I’ve written about it before and it’s a great way for me to recharge my social and spiritual batteries, and girl is that needed right now 🙂

The reason I’m telling you this is that although I will prepare content for you, it might be a bit shorter than usual. There will also be a guest post from Jane Sandwood on Friday.

There will be an art challenge on Saturday but it won’t show up on the blog until I get back. So if you want to watch it before then, you’ll have to go to YouTube.

I am bringing my camera and my travel bag of art supplies so there will be some new images coming your way afterwards.

That’s enough about me 🙂

How will you recharge this weekend?

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