Sure this coloring book has pages with flowers and plants, but it has some very special instructions. The instructions are meant to help you stretch your creative boundaries. There’s also some information about each herb.

It comes in a compressed file format with PNG files and a PDF you can print out to color by hand. It has 10 coloring pages that you can color and until April 9, 2017, you can pay what you want to get it.


That means tomorrow!


Go get this coloring book now!

On the right, is a page from the coloring book coloured by the 10-year-old daughter of one of my clients. I think it turned out great.

The coloring book is part of a planned series of coloring books, so there will be more of them soon. I have one on the way with animals and birds in Nature where there are hidden items for the kids. I’m also making one with my strange birds.

At the moment, you can only get the coloring books on my website. I haven’t found a good way to publish them in other ways yet.

If you want it, buy it using the button above

The price will be set on Monday.

Coloring Herbs - Sample Page


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