These aren’t resolutions, this is a to-do list for 2012. Some of these are very ambitious, I know. But none of them are impossible to do.

  • Be creative at least once a day
  • Spend time outside once a day
  • Get rid of 12 must do’s and get 12 of my want to’s back
  • Launch two new product lines
  • Create and launch the Rune Course
  • Create and launch TYLB program
  • Publish one article a month
  • Launch at least two new product lines
  • Migrate my websites
  • Add more content to the website
  • Get 10 new, good clients and 100 new subscribers to my lists
  • Get down to 66 kg/145.5 lbs
  • Learn to hand spin
  • Meditate more than once a week
  • Host 4 gatherings
  • Plan and build my Horg
Happy New Year

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