If I should name the perfect gift, which would help me through daily life with chronic pain, it would definitely be the perfect maid.

Not the kind of maid which comes by every fortnight and washes the floor (and nothing more), and probably does a lousy job as well. But the kind which declutters, vacuums, washes floors, does laundry, does the dishes the dishwasher can’t do, washes windows, dusts etc. And loves what she does for a living.

It would make my life so much easier, both mentally and physically. I have always hated housework. It’s a task way down on my list of priorities. But it has to be done, no one else will do it, and it saps my strength in every way.

There have been days I’ve had to call in sick because I did too much the day before. At the moment, I’m unable to pay for such a service myself, and I don’t want to burden the municipality with that. In part because I know the financial situation in the municipality is dire, but also because I know I’d only get a minimum of service for my money, and because there are people who need it even more than I do.

If I got more people to join my classes, to buy my services and products. Or if I got a book deal for a herb book, or one of the crime novels in my head. Then someday I will be able to afford this gift for myself. But as it looks at the moment, that day is very far away. My best bet is probably to continue to build my lists, to continue being everywhere online and hope people like what I put out there.

If I got this gift, I would have more energy to create, to write, to play, to grow. More time to paint, to draw, to write, to explore the World Tree, to help others where I can. I would love to be able to stop working (having a regular job) altogether, but that seems impossible right now. So I hope to someday be able to use more time on myself, and less on housework.

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