Well, it’s here. The last weekend of my vacation. Where did those four weeks go? They never last long enough. I could do with a permanent vacation. Then I could plan larger projects.

At least I got some things done this time. I’m on time with my preparations for the market (12-14/8), our daughter got her own room etc. Unfortunately, I had to cancel tomorrow’s guldgubbe walk, because everyone who was coming had a reason not to. I’m not complaining. They were all valid reasons. We were walking to the church to bury a guldgubbe by the church (outside the grounds of course). This is a tradition started by Irminsul, where they bury a guldgubbe on sacred places taken over by the church, and since the church is located at a place called Hov, I thought I’d do it here as well. Never mind, I’ll just find another date, that suits us all better.

As I go back to work, I have a ton of things I need to do. I need to create new user guides for almost everything since we’ve changed to Windows 7 and Office 2010 from XP and Office 2003. I also have to upgrade a Debian server to the latest release. And that’s on top of ‘manning’ the phones. All this needs to be done within the first two weeks before the students return.

I suspect I’ll have to up my sick leave to 40 %. I doubt my energy levels will be able to take two weeks of that otherwise. As I return to work, I’ll also have to ask for Friday the 12ht of August off, because of the market.  I need to do that immediately so that my boss knows well beforehand. I’ve forgotten when my next doctor’s appointment is, so I’ll have to check that.

I’ll also have to call my physical therapist to make new appointments. Enough about that, and some more on the market I’m attending. It’s a market connected to a play about Kristin Lavransdotter, a woman from the 1320’s. It’ll be my first proper market stall, and I’ll have to fill 4 square meters, which is half a stall. I think I’ll have enough products, but I won’t have everything I want for decorations. So I’ll have to make due with two signs and some bunches of herbs, which I’ll pick onsite.

I would really have wanted to have a tapestry on the back wall, a catalogue, a teapot to provide fresh herbal tea to anyone who wants some, at least one candle, and two embroidered tablecloths. No such luck I’m afraid. I’m bringing pocket runes, wooden rune pendants, wool, linen and leather amulet bags, rune sets, and rune amulets on stones. What’s left for me to do, is make a display for the pocket runes, something to hang the amulet bags from, the two signs which explain the bind runes, a Heksebua sign, fill the amulet bags and add a string to them, and the ends of the pocket runes.

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