Do you love cats? Maybe you have a cat?

I have Tomas, who you might have seen in my photos. I’ve had 7 other cats before him, with a 25-year break before Tomas.

Here’s the sample for the second series I’m considering: A cat in a paper bag.

As all feline owners know, cats get up to the weirdest things and I’m going to show some of the weird things they do, I’m creating a series of mixed media paintings to do that.

The cats will have some similarities with the Strange Birds series, as I explained when I showed you this cat as a work in progress. Between then and now, I’ve added some coloured pencil for texture and some fine-liner for the patterns.

That’s enough cat talk for now 🙂 The next sample I’m making is a cypher rune and after that a creature from folklore. Once all of the samples are done, I will ask you to vote on which I should do first.

What do you like about this?

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