I got the money from PayPal yesterday so today I ordered some books. Just fiction this time, since I’ll need something to pass the time during my maternity leave. (Yes, I know that passing the time won’t be a problem with diapers and feeding etc, but I will still have some time to read.)

I ordered 8 books by some of my all-time favourite authors (when it comes to fiction):

  • Kathy Reichs
  • Jeffery Deaver
  • Margit Sandemo
  • and Jean M Auel.

Other fiction favourites are

  • Anne Rice
  • Nancy Baker
  • Agatha Christie
  • and Terry Pratchett (more here)

We’ve also signed up for a book club, so I’ll get three books for free, and then I decide if I want the monthly book or not.

The books I’ll get for free are:

  • Sidney Sheldon – Are you afraid of the dark?
  • John Grisham – The Broker
  • and Sidney Sheldon – The Sky is Falling.

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