Thanks to Witches, my life turned out very different from what it could have been. It took a long time for me to find them, but when I did, I never looked back.

I first stumbled over witchcraft back in 1994, when I was researching herbs. I happened to find a number of old black books from the 1500’s in the local library, and it was like coming home. After that day, I read everything they had on witchcraft, and they didn’t have a single one of the modern books. Instead, I read research papers, books written by scientists, historians, and social anthropologists, and picked up clues from tidbits hidden in herb books and fiction. I went on doing this for 9 years, making the librarians go into the basement and dig up books for me in several different libraries.

Then in 2003, I came across a forum on the Internet called The Magic Circle (in Norwegian “Den Magiske Sirkel”). It’s strange I hadn’t found any before, as I had been chatting online off and on since ’95. On this forum, I met several witches with a lot of knowledge, and I sucked it up like a sponge. Now I do call myself an infoholic, because I love learning new things. So it’s no surprise I threw myself at this well of knowledge. I also joined a dozen other forums; Swedish, Norwegian, and English, and had a field day getting to know all those who were like me.

In my years of being a very busy witch online, I’ve only met a few that I couldn’t get along with. So I want to say thanks to all the witches out there who answered my questions and put up with me as the extrovert I am. Since that first book-find I’ve spent 19 years learning, and I’m still learning. Despite what some people think, we never stop learning. I’ve met lots of wonderful, knowledgeable witches (men and women), and learned a lot from them. Some of the people I meet now, look to me for information, instead of the opposite. I just hope I do as good a job helping them as those who helped me did. I’m also the admin of that first forum, although under a new name.

Witch’s hat off to the witches out there! I love you all!

Especially these 7 witchy women:

  • Sibylle
  • Heidi
  • Idril
  • Kimberly
  • Sorcha
  • Raven
  • Laurie

One of these is one I met back on the first forum, and she’s still a good friend of mine. The same goes for a lady I met online in ’99, but only learned she was a witch later. I actually met her in real life for the first time this summer (2013). A third officiated at my handfasting. One is a fellow entrepreneur, and another has a radio station where I’m part of a weekly show. They’re all wonderful women!

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