Tarot reading about thriving in businessI recently did a Tarot reading for a business woman. Her question was:

Where shall I focus my energies in order to become a THRIVING success in my business?

It seems someone is trying to tell you how to do things. It might be just someone advising you. You have great potential, so you’re definitely going to get there, but you have to think big. Put up this major goal. It doesn’t matter how far ahead it is, just so you have something to aim at. It looks like you might get some unexpected help.

There’s something here about not getting distracted, about focusing on what you really want. (I also got a clue to what the client did in her business.) I the main message is having a goal to focus on, that’s specific. Focusing on what you want, and taking action on the steps you need to take to get there. You definitely need to make an effort and take some action. If you find the steps that suit you, the outcome will be positive.

It’s important for you not to worry because it may disturb your focus. It seems things will turn to the better if you do this because there are cards here showing positive changes, and money. You want to share a lot, but you feel you’re not able to share as much as you’d like to. Whether it’s in a different way, or other kinds of information. But there are lots of ways to be generous. Just jump in and do it. Take your time, be patient. Take the steps one by one. The outcome of this looks really good, but I’d say the answer to your question is the writing. It seems like the overall message; writing, creativity, communication.

Should I go for a physical book?

The cards don’t know the difference between a blog, a physical book, and an ebook. So it’s hard to get specific. Recycling your information may be one way to create new things, without working yourself to death. There’s a lot to be said for using what you have and sending it out in new ways. Whether to go for a physical book, is more about how much work you want to put into it.

Is there anything about speaking?

There’s something about communication, but not specifically speaking. It can be a part of your marketing, though. You have to be a bit realistic about how much work you can fit into a specific amount of time. It sounds like you work a lot.

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  1. Sibylle

    It’s a joy following your insightful readings. Having been on the receiving end (although that was runes, not Tarot), I can definitely testify on how very perceptive you are 🙂

    I hope many more people make use of your offers!

    • Linda Ursin

      Thanks Sibylle 🙂 Feedback like yours is always nice to get <3

  2. Carol B

    I’ve never had a Tarot reading before, though I have family members that have. Intriguing to me!

    • Linda Ursin

      It’s a lot less scary than some think 🙂

  3. Corina Ramos

    I’m definitely intrigued. I had a reading many many years ago and most of what he told me came to pass.

    I know the media makes it more scary than it is but they way you put it, I’m more open to the idea of trying it.

    Happy Monday Linda! Thanks for sharing :).

    • Linda Ursin

      I’d love to do one for you Corina 🙂 Have a great week

  4. Arelis Cintron

    I’ve had someone read my cards once and I got both good and bad news, they were very specific with their information. It’ll be interesting to see what pans out.

    I think its definitely a way to get you focused on what you want to come out of your life … and what you don’t want.

    How did you start doing Tarot Linda?

    • Linda Ursin

      I started reading runes 20 years ago, and then came by a Tarot forum about 10 years ago. That’s what got me interested 🙂


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