A while ago I did a quick Tarot reading for a fellow female entrepreneur. We’ve been hanging out in the same groups online for a while, so I did have some information beforehand, although not much on the subject she asked about. Her question was:

What guidance do I need that I’m missing?

I pulled the number of cards I felt would be suitable for the question, and ended up on 6 cards. This is what they had to say:

At the moment, you feel ambitious and you feel a sense of purpose. You have a task to perform, but change or renewal is blocked right now.

I can definitely say you need to follow your calling. You are easily distracted right now, so do one thing at a time, and you need a break from your daily routine.

Some new beginnings with deeper meaning are on the way for you, or already in progress. Several cards in the reading speak of transition and change.

You have a lot of support available to you, maybe more than you’re aware of. Two cards speak of a man who’s experienced, energetic, masculine. He’s probably older than you, or more experienced, and some kind of leader.

He might rub you the wrong way, but it’s well-meant advice. Don’t get annoyed if he tells you what you should do, use the advice that matters and ignore the rest. It seems like you’ll be stumbling across this adviser pretty soon, if you haven’t already.

The guidance you get from this will solve a material problem.

She seemed very happy with the result of the reading, and her response can be found on my testimonials page.

If you were going to get a Tarot reading, what would your question be?

(I might use your question for a Tarot video, but if I do, I will contact you first.)


  1. Sibylle

    Only now catching up on blog posts 🙂 I love your steady hand and unfailing instinct, as always. More, please!


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