In my letter to my subscribers today, I talked about why Spring was my favourite season. One of the reasons is the surge of energy it brings to plants and animals (including humans).

I wanted to share a way to tap into and utilize this energy to get those things that move you towards your goals done. If you’re not feeling the energy already, there are ways to tap into the surge that’s happening right now. One of the easiest ways is to go outside, find a large tree, and either sit with your back against it or hug it. Stay there for at least 5, preferably 20 minutes. Feel the sap rising in the tree, and let it pull the energy from the ground up to you as well. If you’re able to do so, visualize the energy rising from the ground, through your feet, up your legs, your bum, your back and belly, your chest, arms, neck and up to your head. See any negative things like fatigue, procrastination and hesitation leave you and be replaced with this energy.

Let me know who this worked if you try it.

If you’re wondering about how the seedlings are doing, they’re healthy and growing. Only two boxes of seeds have yet to sprout.

The boxes of seeds on he first floor

The boxes of seeds on the first floor

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