This week there has been a lot of parabens in the news. Denmark has made them illegal in products for children, and the EU seems to be going in the same direction. Apparently, it’s been known for a long time that some of them cause hormonal changes, but apparently not to the degree they found this time. And they found high levels of parabens in the blood samples they took as well.

I can’t say I’m happy about the fact that the Norwegian government is doing nothing at all. Personally, I’ve gotten rid of the few products I did have that contained parabens. I only had a few, and most of them weren’t in use. But I am really surprised that LUSH Cosmetics uses parabens, and the answer I got when I asked them why surprised me even more. (See the picture at the top.) That is actually what was said in that article. Here it is, straight from the article itself:

LUSH article

In case you want to read it for yourself, here’s the link: I truly am disappointed in them. I find Constantine’s statement arrogant. Let’s just say I won’t be buying facial cream and foundation from them until they stop using parabens, and other harmful substances. I am perfectly able to make my own if I have to. The only reason I buy some of my beauty products is that I don’t have time to make them all myself.

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