I won’t be checking social media as often this week. It’s super hectic and stressful at work, because I have to answer the phone every time it rings, and since the students are returning next week, there are a lot of calls.

I also have to finish umpteen user guides before that time. Not to mention that I have a fair to attend this weekend, and I have to get everything ready:

  • Tablecloths to hem and iron
  • Amulet bags to fill
  • Pocket runes to sand
  • Plan the display
  • Pack everything up
  • Check transportation and housing
  • etc.

I might not even be able to go to the fair on Friday, as planned! I might have to go on Saturday. My boss says I can take Friday off, providing it slows down. I can’t say I can count on that happening. I know what it’s usually like at this time of year. Anyway, I was really feeling stressed out today. All four phones were ringing. I couldn’t finish writing up one call before I had two more calls to write up.  And between them, I also had to try and get things done. I could really use a cup of tea, and some quiet time right now, but when I get home, I have to get started on the market prep, two orders for amulet bags, make dinner, clean up, and pick out clothes and make Lilith’s sandwich for day care. I also have a tarot reading to write up, but I hope to be able to start that on the train home today.

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