For today’s Sunday Art I want to talk about having a Healing Creativity Session with Juliette Jeanclaude on Friday, and besides having a wonderful conversation, we arrived at the result that I should explore colour. I usually just use the more muted colours in nature, but I’m going to do something about that for a while.

These are my first experiments, and they’re all in watercolour. I just split a large watercolour paper into six sections.

Sea and rocks A Moth on a Tansy  Colorful Leaf
A Windy Day on the Sea Grassy Hill with flowers and purple clouds Tower Stairs

I’m happier with some of these, and there’s one or two I’m definitely not happy with. All have some degree of purple in them, in some, it’s easier to spot than others. The next ones will be bolder.

I’m sorry for the quality of the photos of the art, the season leaves me with a less than optimal amount of light for photography.

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