Are you stubborn? Do you keep on going, no matter what? I know I am. I have many examples of how stubborn I am, but I’m only going to give you one in this post. On Thursday I had surgery to stabilize my right shoulder, and to fix an impinged tendon. This was done to prevent further damage to the joint. So it won’t take away the pain, but it might keep it from getting worse. The result of this is that I have to wear a sling on my right arm day and night for three weeks. The complete recovery is expected to be 6 months. I refuse to let this stop me from doing what I want. I keep going, within the limits of the surgeon’s instructions of course. I don’t want to mess this up.

Since I had the surgery,  I have

  • made a bunch of phone calls (setting up appointments)
  • written and published 2 blog posts
  • written and sent a guest post
  • written and sent two newsletters
  • recorded and published a podcast episode
  • recorded a radio show
  • done the regular housework (a minimum of course)
  • driven my daughter to and from school (I have a stick shift)
  • worked on the bullet points for my new big program
  • started planning the creativity challenge I’m hosting in October

I decided to drop these three weeks are the videos, and the painting; I really want to have the use of my right hand when painting. I believe my stubbornness, and my positive attitude is what’s kept me going. Of course it does cause problems on occasion, but you can’t have the cake and eat it too. So now I want to hear from you; How stubborn are you? Do you keep on going, or do you quit? (The painting that I used to illustrate this post, is an amulet art piece for stubbornness)

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