I was at home today because I had a doctor’s appointment. I thought I’d get a few other things done as well, but it turned out to be less than I thought. I managed to alter one t-shirt and make a short video for YouTube. Just to show that I’m still alive.

I got an email saying the Viking dresses are finished and in the mail. That’s very good news. But I doubt I’ll have time to have someone make ribbons for the surcote, get them to me and for me to sew them on. So I might have to go without this time.

The reason I’ve waited for the dresses is that I don’t know how long the ribbons need to be. A friend of mine has offered to make them, so I’ll contact her as soon as I know.

As for the doctor’s appointment, I’m still on 20 % sick-leave until mid-August. I might have to increase to 30 % when the semester starts. It’s the busiest time of the year. I also got him to apply for a dispensation for my meds, regarding a moped driver’s license. Since I turned 20 before 2005, I’m eligible to get it without taking a test.

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