Lilith is on holiday break from school until the 5th, so I’m chillin’ and hanging out with here at home. That’s why I’m spending less time online than usual, and I’m not sending a newsletter until the 3rd of January.

I’ve been working on a Tunisian crochet blanket, but other than that I haven’t done much creative work. I’ve mostly been playing with Lilith, walking Bonzo and relaxing.

The reason the quilt isn’t larger is that I’ve taken it apart and rearranged the squares. I have about 50 more squares that are waiting to be attached.

I hope you’re taking time out to spend with your kids (whether they have two legs or four, and no matter what age they are).

Enjoy the rest of the year. I’ll be back full force in January, helping people sort out their 2015 ideas.



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