After a long time of low energy levels and thinking about it, I finally got myself going on the acrylic painting of a Rooster I’ve been planning to paint. I’d been having a lot of problems figuring out what I wanted to do with the composition. I even painted over everything once after I’d finished two layers because I wasn’t happy with the way the Rooster sat on the canvas. Now that I’ve moved a lot closer to its face, I think it will turn out a lot better.
At the moment, it looks all Umber and Ultramarine but there are many many more layers to go before it’s finished. In the end, it will be a golden/orange Rooster on a blueish-black background.
I hope you like the painting so far. Remember it’s just the first layer, it’s supposed to look like crap 😀 It’s the underpainting, it’s not anywhere near finished. But at least you can see it’s a Rooster.

Ps. This post took a lot longer to be published than planned. First, the rendering of the video took 3 hours, then it failed and created a corrupted file so I had to render again (took just as long). Then the upload took 11 hours!!! At that’s even though I had set it to export for YouTube.

Sorry about that. I don’t think I’ll be using VSDC as my main video editing software. I’ll have to return to Shotcut even though it’s more cumbersome.


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