Starting January 9, I will be hosting the Creativity Challenge, where you will be creating something every day for a week (7 days). It’s almost like a “best of” from the previous 30-day challenges I’ve run. Every time, the people in the challenge have said it was a blast.

“I loved, loved, loved this”

“Thanks so much for doing this, Linda!”

“I had an amazing time. Thank you for letting me take part”

“You are a delight! You got my creative juices flowing for a writing project”

We have a closed facebook group which is a safe place to share your creations, and any hurdles you come across. You can get both technical and emotional support in there, and you’ll find people that will cheer you on. There is no criticism, no negative feedback in that group. No one will say your creations suck. It’s a room full of people that will celebrate any kind of creation.

This challenge

  • helps you create a habit of making time for yourself
  • gets you used to being creative on a regular basis
  • makes you less of a perfectionist
  • reduces any worry about making a mess
  • connects you with like-minded people
  • helps you explore new ways of being creative
  • and you get a diploma at the end of it, to show off to everyone.

Sign up here

Update: The creativity challenge was in January, but I’ve created one that you can join at any time. Sign up below

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When signing up, you will get the creativity challenge as a series of emails from me and then my weekly artist’s newsletter and blog post feed. Your information will not be shared with anyone except my email system provider and you can unsubscribe at any time

Any tools and materials used in this creativity challenge are free, easy to get hold of, or already available in or near your home.

I look forward to seeing what you create 🙂

Linda, in handwriting

PS. I have something else coming up in January too, but I’ll let you in on that later

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