I’ve seen a lot of Pagans and Heathens going “by the book”, although there isn’t one. What I mean it that a lot of people go through their lives, practising their spirituality by a recipe someone has provided. My opinion is that this isn’t spiritually healthy. I believe it’s much better, and for those who care about such things, much more authentic, to invent your own practice. To use some of the inventiveness available in that brain of yours 🙂

It’s well and good to learn about pantheons, traditions, culture, rituals etc. But in the end, you need to make it your own, adapt it to your lifestyle and the area you live in. As an example, you could take the celebration of spring. I refuse to celebrate spring when we have three feet of snow, just because someone else says that’s how it should be.

I celebrate spring when spring has arrived, which for this area means on Walpurgisnacht. It also coincides with the celebration I grew up with. It’ s a tradition I’d like to carry on. The same goes for Midsummer’s Eve or the Summer Solstice. Heathens don’t normally celebrate it, but I do. Simply because I want to mark the day, and because celebrating the solstice is a tradition for me. In my life, I have no place for lavish ritual clothing and lengthy rituals. Others might find a need for that, but I don’t. I create my own rituals, I don’t pick them out of someone else’s book.

If you’re one who’s been using recipes, try winging it for once. You might find the experience a lot more satisfying. Invent your own practice, find clothes you actually like wearing, try something new once in a while. Just use your imagination.

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