This close to Monday, I think we all need to relax and truly enjoy the rest of our weekend. If you’re out of ideas on how to do that, I’ve got a few soothing things that might help you chill out and relax, despite tomorrow being Monday.

  • A large cup of Chamomile tea always works, but any kind of tea helps (as long as you’re not trying to multitask)
  • A long, hot bath with Lavender, Lemon Balm or Rose petals
  • Do some gardening if it’s still light out (and you don’t have a foot of snow)
  • Meditation is another possibility
  • So is listening to your favourite music
  • Getting a massage is always nice, but use a relaxing oil
  • …and if you’re able to get some, sex is always a nice way to take your mind off things 😀

Now go get yourself a soothing experience and forget about tomorrow for a while

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