Today I want to give you a few recipes to add some sting to your Spring. The Nettles haven’t started growing here yet since there’s a foot of snow on top of them. But it’s perfectly possible to use dried or frozen Nettles for these recipes.

Nettle Smoothie

2 tbsp of dried Stinging Nettle 1 cup of green tea, almond milk, juice or water 1/2 cup of frozen berries 1 banana Blits the Nettle and liquid first, then add the rest all at once or little by little, depending on how strong your blender is. I sometimes have this for breakfast, and it provides a real boost.

Nettle Soup

200g (~0.44 lbs) of fresh Stinging Nettle tops 1l (~2.1 pints) of water 30g (~1.06 oz) of butter 1 small finely chopped onion 1 small finely chopped clove of garlic 2 tbsp of wheat flour 2 tbsp of whipping cream 1 tbsp of herb spices salt, pepper, nutmeg Rinse the leaves and let them lie in boiling water a short time, strain and keep the water. Chop the nettle finely, fry garlic and onion, and stir it out with the boiled water. Add the nettles, spices and add cream to taste. If you can’t get hold of fresh Nettle, frozen or dried will do.

Nettle Tea

1 tsp of dried nettle 2 1⁄2 dl (~0.53 pints) of water Pour the boiling water over the Nettle, let it steep for 10 minutes and strain. On my membership site, I have a recipe for Nettle Beer as well 🙂

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