The inspiration for this post came from the fact that it snowed about 62 miles from here this week and not just a little. (The article is in Norwegian, but I think the picture speaks for itself.) We get snow every year but not like that.

I believe a lot of us witches in the Northern areas freeze over when winter comes, and go into magical hibernation doing little or nothing until spring arrives. Many speak of the magical uses for water, trees, herbs and other things connected to spring and summer, but not many give us some inspiration for what to do in winter, besides celebrating Yule.

Our garden to the South on February 21 2012

Our garden to the South on February 21, 2012

In the middle of Norway, where I live, we have snowfalls from late October until May. So there’s a lot of the year that’s wasted if you don’t come up with something to do that doesn’t necessarily require warm temperatures and greenery. Here’s some inspiration for those of use that will see our land covered in snow and ice in a little while:

  • Make a snowman poppet and use it to guard your property.
  • Put the name of a bothersome person out in the freezing cold until he or she “chills”, and gets off your back.
  • Use the quiet that comes from the blanket of snow to listen for messages during a walk.
  • Write your problems on a piece of paper and freeze it.
  • Float candles in a bowl of water and ice for a natural balance.
  • Ice can also be used for binding, to stop a behavior, put changes on hold etc.
  • Another way to get rid of things, like bad habits, is to make snowballs and throw them as far away as you can.
  • Use actual ice instead of crystals when your work is related to wishes and goals.

This post is part of the Pagan Blog Project, created by Rowan Pendragon.

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