I went in for a post-surgery check-up of my shoulder this afternoon. My appointment was at dinner time, which I didn’t like, but there was no other option. The shoulder is still very painful, more so than before surgery and I can’t sleep on that side.

Apparently, this is quite normal; the surgery is to make the shoulder function, not to make it pain-free. There’s a lot less room for the ball of the joint to move around in, so it gets irritated. According to the surgeon, everything is progressing as expected.

I’m a tad more mobile than perfect, but very good. He gave me a shot of local anesthetic mixed with cortisone into the joint to take care of some of the pain, so I can use the shoulder in a more optimal way. He had to do a bit of clean-up, though, because he hit a vein. He also stuck the needle into the bone, which did hurt.

I asked him if he had some idea of when they were going to operate on my right shoulder, and he said we might start thinking about that after my next check-up in three months. If the cortisone works really well, I can come back for another shot after two months.

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