It’s been a while since I did this rune reading for a fellow entrepreneur, but I’ve had the pleasure of seeing how she’s evolved since. Her question was a yes/no between two options, and I pulled three runes for her. The runes wouldn’t give me a simple yes or no. What came out of the reading was this:

You feel a need to make your mark in history in some way. To cultivate who you are. It might be a good idea to seek guidance from forefathers/mothers.

You might have to give something up to get what you want. This might mean stop doing something to have time for something else.

The revelation will come. There will be a breakthrough. Something comes full circle and a new phase begins. This will lead to happiness, fulfilllment, energy, health and enlightenment.

She has since gone into coaching and seems to be doing well. But I’m not taking the credit for that. She’s done a ton of work to get there.

I still do rune readings, although they’re not part of my current focus. Should you want one, just send me an email.


  1. Sibylle

    Not surprisingly, I love this 😉

  2. potentlanguage

    Love rune readings and seeing how you take the reading and turn it into useful guidance is really enlightening.


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