I wanted to write a post about what amulets are and show how I create one for a customer. Here’s the example:

The story

This female entrepreneur in the coaching industry booked a virtual cup of tea with me to find out if I could help her, and what she said was:

“I am trying to sort my business. I’ve had some success, but I’m finding that I no longer feel like I’m helping some of my long-term clients. I am afraid to let them go because I don’t want to lose the income, but I am at my best and happiest when I am helping people. What I need more than anything right now is probably courage and to trust that everything will turn out okay. What kind of amulet would you recommend for me?”

I talked to her for a while about the details of this and got to know a bit more about her. I then gave her a short Tarot reading for some clarity and gave her some suggestions for the amulets I thought might help her. I sent her some links to the suggestions and she had a look at them while we talked.

She said she’d prefer something that had all the properties in one, and she preferred a pendant over something to keep in her pocket or purse. So she ended up ordering a custom-made amulet specific for her situation, which was the best solution for her.

The properties she wanted were:

  • Courage
  • Self-Confidence
  • Inspiration
  • Realizing Ambitions

The process

I wrote down some names of herbs I knew I had at home and double checked the properties. I picked out five of them to use in the amulet. I then picked a piece of crystal that I knew fit the purpose of the amulet. She wanted a bag with colour and I chose a dark red leather because of the correspondences for that colour. Next, I picked an appropriate rune for it.

I cut a rectangle and a circle out of the leather and added the rune to the rectangle. I then stitched it together to make the bag and turned it so the smooth side with the rune on it was out. After that, I added the herbs and the piece of crystal and stitched the bag shut. I do that to make sure the contents wouldn’t fall out, and because it’s not supposed to be opened. Then I added a leather strap and wrapped it up. I sent it to her yesterday with some instructions on how to use it and care for it.

What is an amulet to me?

Amulets are magical, but not in the Hollywood sense. Amulets are visual and physical reminders, something you can look at and hold to be reminded of where your intention needs to be to move forward. Something that supports you.

The materials I add to the amulet bag have been chosen for their magical properties

The magical properties of the herbs, crystals, runes and other elements are there to strengthen that intention. The focused intention is what creates the magic. You and the amulet work together. I’ve created amulets of all kinds for over 20 years. I know it’s not a matter of getting an amulet and things happen. They often help make the work easier, but, of course, you don’t get to sit on your butt and do nothing.

What challenge are you facing right now? What kind of amulet would be right for you?

Comment below

If you know your challenge but you’re not sure what to put in an amulet for that, and you would like some guidance, you might enjoy having a virtual cup of tea with me. You’re always welcome to book one. I love doing them.  I can get a sense (like I did with this client) what you need for an amulet. I can either help direct you in making your own or (obviously) I have some if you’re interested in getting one from me.


  1. Suzie Cheel

    Linda love it learn something new every day. I know about amulets and their uses just never knew how they were made. Did this give her courage?

    • Linda Ursin

      It hasn’t been that long since I sent it. So I don’t think it’s arrived yet 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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