Do you have values and opinions that you’re passionate about? Then speak up about them. Let them be heard.

There will be people who have a different opinion but there will also be people with the same opinion as you. And by speaking up about it, you put focus on it and make others more aware. Helping them form their own opinion.

It may feel scary to open up about this for the first time but voicing these values and opinions is important, not just for you but also for the progress of society as a whole.

What would the World be like today if people hadn’t spoken up about subjects like

  • slavery
  • the welfare of the workers
  • women’s rights
  • child abuse?

Not every single opinion is on that scale but they’re still important to talk about. Let your voice be heard!

Your opinions and values matter regardless of if you’re a stay at home mom or an executive at a large company.

What is one thing you need to speak up about?

Add it as a comment to get started


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