It’s no secret that being a mother is the toughest job in the world. It’s an immense responsibility, especially if you have a daughter who needs to grow up to be a strong, self-reliant woman. Thankfully, there are countless tricks mothers can use in order to build strong relationships with their daughters and help them develop various skills that will come in handy in the future. One of these tricks is sewing, an activity which you can both enjoy and that can help you build a perfect foundation and an ideal relationship.
I remember my mom as being one of the best sewists in the world as I was growing up. She would always take on little sewing projects and do a little bit of everything, from designing clothes to altering them so that they would fit her ever-growing kids. It wasn’t long until I took interest in what she was doing and decided to stick around, observe and even help out.
That’s exactly what you could also do with your daughter (or daughters) because forcing them to pick up a needle and thread is surely not going to be effective. On the contrary, they might actually start hating sewing and see it as a chore rather than as a hobby. The trick is getting them interested in starting projects that they might like or that they can benefit from. For instance, you could start making some fun and girly pillowcases for their room, drapes and so on. Asking for their opinion is yet another crucial detail, as you don’t want to let them feel left out.
Asking for their opinion or advice is important even after you have managed to capture their interest. You know that girls could talk for hours on end about fabrics, colours, textures, what goes with what and so on. Having an ally in your girls could actually turn out to be quite helpful in future projects.
Showing them the first few steps in sewing should be a piece of cake as long as they have your talent and imagination. It’s usually quite simple to work together for a while, especially when it comes to clothes for their dolls. Designing has never been easier. If you have some pieces of fabric you are not planning on using then you have found the ideal purpose for them. You can create anything from nightgowns, classy dresses, skirts and even bathing suits. Her Barbies will get a one of a kind makeover and you will get the satisfaction of teaching your girl something new.
Just make sure that as you go along sewing and designing that you actually introduce her to new notions, tools and techniques. You might not realize it, but her brain will act like a sponge absorbing everything you tell her. And you can rest assured that anything you tell her will come in handy someday.
Apart from bringing you closer together sewing, as well as crocheting and knitting, are highly useful skills that will certainly help your daughter become more responsible and more confident. Being able to make something with your own two hands is always a rewarding experience and you should certainly let her enjoy it!

Author Bio:

I’m Hannah and I am a huge crafts enthusiast with a passion for sewing and creating cool things. I have a large interest in fashion and enjoy spending time with my friends and family. Read more about me here.


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