This weekend, we said goodbye to our second old apple tree (the first was cut in 2006). It hasn’t born much fruit in several years, only a few on the newest branches. It only had branches on one side, so it was threatening to tip over, and it wasn’t healthy. So it had to go. It isn’t a fun thing to do, but it’s necessary sometimes.

I cut off one of the healthy branches to use as a cutting, and I’m going to do my best to get it to root itself, to create a new tree. This one will be placed in a smarter location, so it can spread its branches in more directions than one.

I wanted to tell you this not only because I love gardening and seeing things grow, but because I’m going to use this as a metaphor for your business to give you something to think about:

When you say goodbye to something that no longer works, or that isn’t healthy.

You create room for something new to grow.

New things need room to grow. That goes for plants as well as other things.

What should you let go of?

Leave me a comment below and then get to it. There’s no point in putting it off for so long that it starts hurting you or your business.


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