Today’s rune from the Elder Futhark is Thurs or Thurisaz (sound value: th, as in throw).

Thurs represents the Jotnar, the giants, trolls, thorns, and stands for chaos, transformation, a necessary destructive force, purging, defence. It mostly appears in relation to defence (active defence), that might be where the connection to the thorns come in. You may need to stand your ground, to defend yourself, your opinions or those near and dear to you. You have the power to deal with anything that comes at you.

Destructive force may be necessary sometimes, weeding, pruning trees, surgery etc., and this rune can therefore also be used in healing. We cut the corn at harvest and to get new seed, and so the rune can point to death and rebirth. It may point to energy or power that’s misdirected or misused. It can also indicate destructive tendencies in our selves that we should get rid of.

Merkstave: If you feel it has to be interpreted in a negative, or opposite way, you could interpret it as something is coming that you need to defend yourself against. It can also mean that you’re not taking the proper precautions. Make sure to organize and prepare for such things.

What’s your take on this rune? Leave me a comment below.

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