This time, the theme for the Sassy Sayings is trees (for the backgrounds of course, not the quotes). For some reason, most spiritual people seem to love trees. Maybe it’s because they’re grounded. Remember to share your favorites wherever you can. Just use the buttons below.

I had chosen the path of the black sheep... Sassy Sayings #quotes #sassysayings Sometimes we need to... Sassy Sayings #quotes #sassysayings Do it because... Sassy Sayings #quotes #sassysayings Your intuition is a... Sassy Sayings #quotes #sassysayings It's still magic... Sassy Sayings #quotes #sassysayings The more you love... Sassy Sayings #quotes #sassysayings


  1. Chef William

    Nice, I wish there were was a little less blue background so that I could read them easier but I do enjoy these types of saying to start my day. thanks for sharing and share more now and again

    • Linda Ursin

      Thanks 🙂 I’ll try to think of that next time


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