It’s getting late here, but you’ll get your Sassy Sayings this week too. I hope you’ll like them. Remember to share your favourites.

You're only confined by the walls you build - Sassy Sayings - #sassysayings #quotes You can't make everyone happy - Sassy Sayings - #sassysayings #quotes You can have results or excuses - Sassy Sayings - #sassysayings #quotes

If someone's strong enough to bring you down - Sassy Sayings - #sassysayings #quotes People always have an opinion - Sassy Sayings - #sassysayings #quotes Tough times don't last - Sassy Sayings - #sassysayings #quotes

And if you’re looking for someone to listen, support you, and kick your butt when needed. I have a special deal on the first session right now.

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