There are some Sassy Sayings for you further down, but first…

Those pesky technology gremlins have been giving me trouble the last week, so my newsletter, podcast, and this post got delayed.

  • Last Tuesday my laptop died on me
  • On Wednesday, my hard drive adapter blew up (it actually produced a big spark and said, POOF!)
  • I managed to bring my laptop back from the dead on Thursday, but the keyboard is sluggish and my graphics driver keeps crashing.
  • Then a video I was doing disappeared from my phone
  • I did four other videos that I’ll have to redo because my camera kept zooming in and out.

…and so on.

So here it is, a couple of days late. Remember to share, pin, and tweet your favorites 🙂 The new sharing buttons are at the top and bottom of the post.

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Sassy Sayings and Pesky Gremlins  Sassy Sayings and Pesky Gremlins Sassy Sayings and Pesky Gremlins

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