I’ve got ice on my mind, so the Sassy Sayings got an icy background this time.  We’ve gotten a lot less snow so far this winter. Everything’s ice, and it’s been very windy the last couple of weeks. Three of the pictures are my own, although not from this winter. Please share them where you can.

It's your life... - Sassy Sayings #quotes #sassysayings Great things are done... - Sassy Sayings #quotes #sassysayings Trust your gut... Sassy Sayings #quotes #sassysayings

To create ones own world... - Sassy Sayings #quotes #sassysayings Only dead fish... - Sassy Sayings #quotes #sassysayings If you don't turn your... - Sassy Sayings #quotes #sassysayings


  1. Amy

    I especially like “Only Dead Fish Go with the Flow.” hehee!


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