The background theme for the Sassy Sayings this week is bugs, or insects if you will. I hope you don’t have any phobias connected to bugs. Just in case, I’m sticking to cute ones. Remember to share your favourites wherever you can. If you want to share on Twitter, just click the image. Buttons to share elsewhere are at the bottom of the post.

Don't ever let a soul tell you... Sassy Sayings, bug style #quotes #sassysayings The person who says it cannot... Sassy Sayings, bug style #quotes #sassysayings If you are always trying to be... Sassy Sayings, bug style #quotes #sassysayings The art of life is life itself Sassy Sayings, bug style #quotes #sassysayings Boldness be my friend Sassy Sayings, bug style #quotes #sassysayings Anything s possible, if you have... Sassy Sayings, bug style #quotes #sassysayings


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