Since The Pagan Blog Prompt for this week is Samhain, I thought I’d sum up my plans for this year’s Alvablot. For those who haven’t noticed, I follow the old Norse tradition, so I don’t really celebrate Samhain. I celebrate Alvablot at this time of year.

Now, this is my own idea of an Alvablot, there are no definite sources for what an Alvablot used to be, or exactly when it was held. But it was a private ritual, held indoors. My Alvablot will be held on the 7th of November, which incidentally is the true date for Samhain, as close as we can gather in this modern world. It’s when the Sun enters 15 degrees Scorpio.

I will also use some more modern Samhain/Halloween decorations around the house, like a couple of Pumpkin lanterns and two wreaths by the front door. Baskets of root vegetables, apples, nuts and cones on the tables, orange candles with pagan symbols, orange and black table cloths etc. I will start my honoring my ancestors and thanking them for going before me. I will also thank my pets for being with me for the time that they were. After that, I’ll do a blot to the gods and thank them for a good harvest and ask for protection, strength and luck. Later I’ll have a meat stew with several different kinds of meat for dinner. With that, I’ll have some dark bread and Apple Cider. For dessert, I’ll have an Apple Crumble and Vanilla Ice Cream.

In the evening, I plan to go outside and honor the Alfr and all the other little folk. I plan to do this by thanking them for taking care of us and our property during the year and asking them to continue to do so. I’m also leaving an offering of honey cakes and full milk. The cookies will be made with the best ingredients possible, and local if possible. Thanks to Rowan Pendragon for the advice 🙂

While outside, I’ll also raise a glass to Maní. I haven’t planned the specifics yet because I plan to involve my three-year-old this year. So I have to think of words and other things that are suitable and not boring to her. Because of this, I will probably try to find a song or two as well. She’s also the reason for not using fire in my ritual. I will light the lanterns, but I’ll save the bonfire for Yule.

I’ve been inviting people all over the world to a Samhain gathering at our house on this day, but I might have to cancel since I haven’t gotten any 100% certain answers.

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