If you’re having problems determining exactly what it is that you need most right now, the runes might be able to help you get more clarity on that. This spread is one I use a lot more often for Tarot, but I’ve found it works just as well for runes. A friend of mine actually gave me this spread after doing a reading for me. (She’s a very good Tarot reader, and if you’d like to check her out, her website is here.) 7 Card Tarot Spread

  1. Something ending
  2. Here and now
  3. Something beginning or that’s already begun
  4. What needs doing
  5. Helpful energies, what you already have, what you don’t have to work at
  6. Major hope/fear depending on the rune
  7. The outcome, anything negative here shows what you’ll overcome when doing what #4 tells you to do

All of these positions have something to say about what you need right now, but number 2 and 4 are most helpful. If you don’t want to or feel you’re not able to, do the reading yourself, book one with me.

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