One aspect of the runes which many seem to forget these days is that they were meant to be used for writing. Today we have other letters for that, and writing in runes is primarily for those who are really into them, or who want to hide what they’re writing from their spouse or someone else. One fun way to use runes for writing, that works for ‘regular’ users as well as the more experienced, is to create your own mark.

Back when most people were illiterate, almost everyone had their mark with which they signed things. You can create one similar to those, by creating a bind rune from your initials. I first did that back in 1994 when I had a different last name, and it looked like this:

bindrune lilo

It’s built from the runes corresponding to the letters L I L O for Linda Löfdahl, which used to be my name. After I got married I had to make a new one, which is now in my logo:


It’s built from the runes corresponding to L and U. The fact that the Tyr rune crept in there doesn’t bother me at all. I have no problems with a little extra strength and courage 🙂 Just in case you’re curious, the leaves are from Colt’s Foot.

Now it’s time for you to create yours. First, you have to choose which futhark you like best. The Elder Futhark is the one most people choose because it’s the one they’re most familiar with. Then find your letters and combine them in a way that’s esthetic to you. If they don’t fit together, consider including a couple of more letters from your name, like I did with my first.

I’d love to see your rune when it’s finished. So please find me on social media or share a link here.

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