We all need to prioritize our todo-lists and goals, and the runes can help you with that. One way is to ask what’s most important for you this year, this month or this week. Or you can do all three at once. Here are two readings I did for myself. The first one is for 2013, the second is a three rune spread for the year, January and this week.

The Year

Rune reading for the year

Interpretation: For 2013, I need to focus more on transformation and completion, and less on the money and the details of the communication.

All at once

Year, month, week rune reading

Interpretation: The first rune is the year: Removing obstacles. The second rune is the month (January): Happiness, enlightenment. The third rune is the week: I need to water my plants. If you don’t want to or feel you’re not able to, do the reading yourself, book one with me.

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