Here’s a rune reading I made for a client a little while ago. Since it was two separate questions, I did two separate readings. I then cast all the runes to get an overview, and to see if any more details came up.

The question:  What will I (the client) be doing in six months, and who is trying to contact me (the client) from the other side.

6 months from now

6 months from now

Who's trying to contact the client

Who’s trying to contact the client

Rune Casting

The rune cast


The interpretation of the rune reading I sent to the client was

When it comes to what you’ll be doing in 6 months, it seems to be related to prosperity (emotional, material or spiritual) which you’re unable to enjoy. But it leads to new insight into what you need to do to be happy. Patience and persistence will lead to progress and a new beginning. It is possible that you have to do something different to get this started.

You will be forced to give something up to get what you want. Just make sure you don’t give too much. You have to maintain a balance between the mundane and the spiritual. The effort, however, will produce results. But it is possible that you’ll have to wait longer than 6 months for this.

When it comes to who is trying to contact you from the other side, it seems that most of the information is hidden. This person is in some way related to soil or minerals. The person is in a transition phase and experiencing a lack of communication with the divine. He or she needs to get out of a destructive pattern. I also got something about a message or information.

It may be that this person has something special to tell you. Something that will lead to something positive, progress in one way or another. To get this message you will need to be persistent and patient. The communication with this person will give you something you need. But do not give more than you can afford in exchange.

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